The Anatomy: Foundational Coaching Course

Thank you for the opportunity to attend such a fantastic course.  I think it is one of the most beneficial and impacting courses I have ever been on.  I believe that the approach could have far reaching beneficial impact on the following:

  • staff wellbeing (as it focusses on helping the person, meeting them where they are and supporting moves forward towards their own goals; helping people to prioritise and set achievable tasks)

  • pupil progress linked to behaviour (could focus on their motivations, goals, help them to see a positive future and what that would be like, understanding why hard work now is of more benefit in the long run)

  • aligning staff values with school values, or prompting staff to decide for themselves that their values are not in alignment with schools and that a possible school move might be a good thing

  • if taken school-wide, should establish an ethos of listening, support, encouragement and helping people to achieve their goals which is vital in schools with significant difficulties/barriers to learning and where there is a need to turn around school performance quickly.

Obviously, this doesn’t replace mentoring but does provide something quite different and refreshingly focuses on the whole person, not just seeing target/performance driven outcomes which will really help with our duty as employers to achieve staff wellbeing








Date Posted 23/1/17

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