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Meet our People: Leah Treanor, Primary Graduate TA and 2017-18 Harris School Direct Candidate

My journey towards teaching began with tutoring children from year 3 to year 5. I loved seeing their progress after I had been working for them, and made a decision to go on to gain classroom experience before teacher training.

I had heard about the vast training programme that Harris offers, so I specifically looked tor a teaching assistant position with a Harris academy so I could gain more insight into what they look for in a candidate. Harris School Direct particularly appealed to me because I wanted to learn on the job rather than going back to university, and I liked the idea of being part of a larger community of trainees as part of a Federation of schools across London.

I have learned a huge amount from spending a year working as a TA at Harris Primary Academy Purley Way. I don’t think I realised at first how little I knew about teaching when I first took on the role, or the significance of reflection on your practice and differentiation of work.

There’s been a lot I have enjoyed as well! It’s been an amazing journey getting to know the children and seeing them progress from barely being able to write their names to writing full sentences. The staff have been so supportive, and you are always being pushed to be better and achieve higher standards for the children and for yourself.

I would encourage anyone considering teaching to spend a year as a TA before going on to training. It has been a long year of hard work, but a fantastic learning opportunity that I am really grateful to have experienced.

My advice to potential graduate TAs:

“The most important thing when applying for a role is to be positive and try your best!"

Click here for more information on becoming a graduate teaching assistant with Harris, or contact the careers team on The 2017/18 Harris Graduate Programme is now open - click here to apply.

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