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Meet our people: Joanne Taylor, Principal of Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park

My teaching journey began as a camp leader at Camp America in the middle of a business degree, when I found the sheer joy that comes from making a difference in the lives of children, one at a time.

I have been working with the Harris Federation for three years, and while the role of principal might be the same as at other schools, the accountability is very different. With a Local Authority school, you might not see an advisor from one week to the next, and if you do, it is still very much ‘them and you’. At Harris, I know the deputy primary director well and I feel that she and the CEO know what’s happening and will support me and my school.

Nowhere else have I experienced the outstanding commitment and loyalty that I have hear at Coleraine Park. We have an exceptional team of specialist teachers who go the extra mile for the children and each other, and excellent training and development to ensure we’re continually at our best. For the children, we have an exciting curriculum delivered in a first-rate learning environment, extensive clubs and visits and a huge range of arts, drama and music opportunities including a fantastic steel pan band.

If you want to work at Coleraine Park, you need to be secure in your ability to do a good job, as expectations of our teachers are high to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children. You need to be resilient and hardworking, and prepared to go the extra mile – and you need a good sense of humour!

A teaching role at the Harris Federation is a fantastic opportunity. You will benefit from excellent support from outstanding staff, a superb CPD programme and the potential to accelerate as quickly as you are able. It’s a superb place to grow your career.

My top three qualities when looking for a teacher:

“I’m always looking for artisans who are experts in their craft, with excellent subject knowledge and the emotional intelligence to connect with children and staff.”

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