Tom Street

Tom Street

NPQSL Facilitator

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected” - Steve Jobs

Tom is Vice Principal at Harris Academy Rainham and trains staff on the redesigned NPQSL programme, covering the 'Strategy & Change for Improvement' module, covering content such as data management, vision and values, change and implementing new strategies. He has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from UCL. Tom has also visited many schools in an English consultancy capacity and is very much hands on with curriculum line management in his current school. Tom loves the opportunity to help line manage and lead departments to achieve outstanding results for the students in their care. He leads on KS4 Outcomes, Curriculum Development and Timetabling and is very proud of the outcomes reached in the different Harris Academies he has worked with.

Tom has been the Vice Principal of Harris Academy Rainham since September 2016. At this point the Academy was struggling with significant weaknesses within the previous school’s organisation, structure and student outcomes. With the academy now striving to become outstanding in every category, results in 2017 placed Harris Academy Rainham in the top 10% of schools against the national progress 8 measure, with a score of +0.53. This is a significant rise compared with the previous year’s results of -0.16.  The Academy won numerous awards recognising this fast transformation.

Tom is very proud of the ‘tough love’ culture within the Academy. Morale is fantastic and the Academy atmosphere really supports students in being the best they can possibly be. He aims to develop staff and students who continually ‘buy in’ to the values and ethos found in the Academy. ‘Belong, Believe, Become’, the school values - are being lived daily in the Academy and Tom is proud to be part of this.


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