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Introduction to Governance (3)

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Introduction to Governance (3)

All about Ofsted Inspection. What is the process?  What should governors know?  How can they prepare?

Trainers: Sir Dan Moynihan, CEO and Beverley Johnston, Chairman of Governors Harris Academy Orpington and Harris Aspire Aacdemy

The group will then split into Primary and Secondary

  • 16-19 Study Programmes – what are they and what questions should governors be asking? Trainer: Sandra Miles, Principal Harris Sixth Form
  • Early Years Foundation Stage – what is this and what questions should governors be asking? Trainer: Laura Bairstow, Primary Consultant, and Madeleine Carponen, Primary EYFS Consultant


This is part 3 of 3 sessions for new governors throughout the year.  Also open to other governors with an interest in the topics.

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