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Primary Science Leader Programme

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Primary Science Leaders Programme

The Primary Science Leaders Programme is a 4 day face-to-face course designed to develop a deeper understanding of teaching and learning science education in primary schools. This programme has been designed based on ‘Cognitive Education’ and Neuroscience’ research and it is led by the UCL Institute of Education. Using a wide of range of knowledge and experience in science education, the programme will offer theoretical and practical sessions during the four week course including STEM projects.

Who is the programme for?

This course is designed for primary science leaders/coordinators, specialist teachers, teachers and science educators in Early Learning, KS1 and KS2. Middle Leaders and professionals who work on primary science educational programmes will benefit from the content and the training in this course.

What is involved?

The aim of this programme is to develop the knowledge, thinking and skills required for improving science education in primary schools. Using the research based materials in this course, participants will construct a rich and profound understanding of science education and they will upgrade their current pedagogical approach to renovate their practice in teaching and learning science.

The Structure and Content Areas

The programme contains eight core modules, and each module is subdivided into specific units which will focus on different areas of science education. The following modules will be presented over five full days.

i.       Induction to Science Education

  • Aims of science education
  • Science Curriculum-Scheme of Work

ii.      Scientific Thinking

  • Pedagogical approach to teaching and learning science
  • Role of questioning and thinking processes

iii.      Scientific Knowledge

  • Power of knowledge 
  • Planning structure
  • Subject knowledge upgrade

iv.      Scientific Skills

  • Open investigatory practical science
  • Scientific communication
  • Literacy in science   
  • Mathematics in science

v.       Assessment

  • Science assessment system
  • Science assessment policy
  • Moderation

vi.      Challenges

  • Consistency and timetable 
  • Science as a foundation subject
  • Sequence in curriculum

vii.      Leadership

  • Science coordinators
  • Science specialist teacher
  • Monitoring and training

viii.     Projects

  • STEM Learning
  • Academic collaborations
  • Scientific Digital Learning Platform 
  • Research and Development

The benefits

This programme supports the educators to improve their subject knowledge leading to an increase in confidence as well as expertise. Guided by academic research, this course will raise the profile of the schools in the areas of science teaching and learning by building a secure foundation in children’s knowledge.

Schools will be introduced to an effective assessment method to monitor pupils’ progress, and teachers will be supported with useful resources to achieve the National Curriculum Statutory requirements successfully. The programme aspires to improve scientific collaborations between the academic organisations and teachers in order to create more learning opportunities for students.  It aims to increase teachers' involvements in the research development programmes, and to work closely with experts in order to improve the schools’ partnerships with various STEM organisations and universities.


In order to be certified for the Primary Science Leader programme, participants will be required to attend all the sessions and complete a set of four short tasks as part of their training. They are also required to complete a research based presentation or an academic written assignment (approximately 1000 words) to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of science education by the end of the course.


Face-to-face training sessions will take place in Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park in North London (leading school in primary science research).


Day 1 - Thursday 5th November 2020

Day 2 - Friday 13th November 2020

Day 3 - Thursday 19th November 2020

Day 4 - Friday 27th November 2020 


The programme will cost a total of £250.


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