The Harris Governor Training Programme

Harris Federation Governors play a key role in the life of our Academies and are fundamental to our Academies’ success. In order to support you in your role as Governor, the Harris Federation Teaching School Alliance is offering a Harris Governor Training Programme for 2017-2018.

Training and Development

Training and development is an essential element of being an effective governor. As well as providing networking opportunities with governors from other schools, training also supports governors in dealing with the many issues that can occur within our Academies.

Our trainers will cover topics such as: budgeting, curriculum, safeguarding, OFSTED, codes of practice, special educational needs (SEN) and the importance of effective data in assessment and evaluation. This will ensure that that our governors are kept up-to- date with national changes in education and are aware of what is required to support Academies in raising standards. We encourage you to sign up for as many programmes as possible during 2018–2019 academic year.









Preparing for Ofsted Inspection: What Governors need to know and to do.

This session will cover the governors’ roles in relation to Ofsted and more importantly, how governors can contribute to an Ofsted inspection and the types of questions they might be asked.


Dan Moynihan, CEO &

Beverley Johnston Chairman of Governors Harris Orpington & Garrard


Harris Westminster

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The Governor’s role in the Exclusions process

How to hear an exclusion and the law relating to this.


Sir Dan Moynihan, CEO

6pm – 7.30pm

Harris Federation

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Safeguarding Essentials and Health & Safety for Governors

This session will explore the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body in relation to safeguarding, the challenges Academies face and how this relates to Ofsted.  It will also give an overview of relevant Health & Safety legislation for governors including risk assessments.


Carolyn English, Director of Secondary Education and

Laura Stoneman, Health & Safety and Assets Project Manager

6pm – 8pm

Harris Federation

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What Governors need to know about the Secondary Curriculum

Curriculum: What do we mean by curriculum? An overview of the KS3 and KS4 Curriculum design and qualifications.  How the curriculum can be evaluated.  The importance of extra-curricular activities.    Questions governors should be asking about the curriculum. 

Literacy development – the governors’ role in supporting and monitoring this important aspect of the curriculum.

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education.  What is it? Where can evidence be found that this is high quality?   What questions should governors ask about the quality of this aspect of the curriculum?


Jacquelyn Lomas - Principal of Academy development



Rebecca Hickey - Executive Principal of Harris Academies Beckenham and Peckham



6pm - 8pm Harris Westminster Book here
27/11/2018 Understanding the Academy Self Evaluation Process.  (Including the Academy Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) and evidence to support it).  A key for school self- evaluation.  You will be given an overview of the Academy SEF and the questions governors should ask. All

Carolyn English, Director of Secondary Education &

Sabeena Hasan, Director of Primary Education
6pm - 7.30pm Harris Westminster Book here

School Accountability Data in Secondary and Primary Schools.  What should governors know and how should they use the data?

This session will provide an overview of the types of data available to governors, how targets are set and how governors can challenge school leaders to maximise student progress.   For secondary governors it will include an explanation of both Progress 8 and Attainment 8.

Primary /


Jacquelyn Lomas, Principal for Academy Improvement  &

Joanne Taylor, Principal Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park
6.00pm – 7.30pm Harris Westminster Book Here

Clerk’s Network Meeting

A twice-yearly meeting to enable clerks to keep up to speed with the latest advice and guidance, network with colleagues and raise issues for discussion.
Clerks Clair Standing, Clerk to the Governing Body for Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley 10.00am – 11.30am  Harris Federation Book Here

Introduction to Governance (2)

  • Understanding the Academy Monitoring Cycle and the Principal’s report
  • Governor visits.  What to do.  How to conduct the visit and how to follow up on the visit.
  • The Secondary Curriculum
  • The Primary Curriculum


This is part 2 of 3 sessions for new governors held throughout the year. Also open to any governor interested in the topics


Dan Moynihan, CEO


Sabeena Hasan, Director of Primary Education


Carolyn English, Director of Secondary Education  


Beverley Johnston Chairman of Governors Harris Orpington and Harris Garrard
6.00pm – 8.00pm

Harris Westminster

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Early Years Foundation Stage and Early Years Foundation Stage profile for School Governors.

An overview of the EYFS.  Governors will know what to look for in outstanding early years provision and learn about the attainment of children reported through the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.



Primary Laura Bairstow, Primary Consultant & Madeleine Carponen, Primary EYFS Consultant 6.00pm – 7.30pm Harris Westminster Book Here

Governors’ accountability with regard to additional funding.


'Pupil Premium. 

What is it?  How can the money be spent?  What does a high quality pupil premium strategy look like?   How are governors held accountable for its expenditure? 


The Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Catch Up Funding.

What is it? How should the money be spent? How are governors held accountable for its expenditure?


David Moody, Principal of Harris Battersea




Rebecca Hickey, Executive Principal of Harris Beckenham & Peckham Academies &

Mike Pullan, Maths Consultant
6.00pm –8.00 pm Harris Westminster Book here

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability): What Governors must know and do

An overview of the SEN Code of Practice and how this places responsibility for the identification, inclusion and progress of vulnerable pupils firmly in the hands of teachers and how as governors you can support this.

Primary /

TBC 6.00pm – 7.30pm Harris Westminster Book here

National College resources and guidance for Governors' training workshops

Click here to access useful resources and guidance from the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) regarding Governors' training workshops.

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