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We invite you to join our alliance and benefit from:

  • Access our Learning Without Levels resources.
  • Access to a wide network of schools, expertise and high quality CPD opportunities.
  • Use of the Alliance’s succession planning and talent management framework. Allowing you to recruit, retain, develop and promote your staff strategically, improving the appeal of your school to potential new employees, and increasing motivation and morale of your staff.
  • Recruiting high-quality graduates who you can train to become teachers and award QTS at the end of the training year.
  • Our offer of a wide range of CPD opportunities for your staff to improve performance and keep staff engaged while you pay discounted rates.Our ethos is to ensure that students are able to access the best education possible and that teachers and support staff have access to the training and development needed to achieve this.
  • Opportunities to keep experienced staff motivated and engaged. Allow your staff to network with other leaders and take part in cross alliance strand/department activities and meetings, to improve practice in your school and other schools in the Alliance.
  • Your staff being invited to become facilitators for the Alliance. Utilise their expertise and support the development of other teachers in the Alliance.
  • Designating your expert staff ‘Specialist Leaders of Education’. Allow them to work with other schools for a fee, raising the profile of your school through SLE deployments.
  • Generating revenue by allowing staff to facilitate training on behalf of the Alliance.
  • Money saving opportunities. If your school or staff member has a particular training need, you can approach the Teaching School to deliver training. If this training is opened up to the Alliance and other schools, it could reduce the cost for you.
  • Attend the Harris Federation’s annual CPD inset conference for a nominal fee. Take advantage of a full day of CPD workshops and sharing of innovative ideas.
  • Take part in attending or delivering a range of Alliance workshops, seminars and events to enhance knowledge and share new initiatives.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to engage and liaise with staff across the Alliance to share best practice.
  • Opportunities to take part in and learn from research projects undertaken to improve educational practices.
  • Take advantage of intensive school-to-school support at a discounted Alliance rate.
  • Ongoing peer support and challenge through the network of schools.
  • Access to a pool of useful resources such as tried and tested policies, processes documents and planning tools.
  • Use the good practice and expertise of the Alliance to build capacity in your own school. Share strategies and ideas on how you can use the wealth of the Alliance to have a rapid impact on your school.

By joining our Alliance, you will inevitably contribute to:

  • Providing a strong supply of high quality new teachers through our initial teacher training programme, School Direct.
  • Significantly improving the quality of serving teachers through your contribution to highly effective training programmes.
  • Developing great leaders and the next generation of headteachers through the leadership curriculum training programmes (NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH).
  • Supporting schools to improve and further develop your own school through reciprocal partnerships with schools / academies within the Alliance.

…and you will have an impact on:

  • Improving the results for students in other schools. 
  • Reducing the number of poorly performing schools.
  • Increasing the number good and outstanding schools.
  • Contributing to the Department for Education’s drive to create self-improving and sustainable education system that is recognised as world class.

The invitation to join our Alliance is extended to all schools or academies. Your school does not have to be judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, the only requirement we have is that you are willing to learn from and to share with schools in the Alliance.

For more information or to join our Alliance please express your interest, by emailing or call 020 8253 7787.

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  • NPQH March 2016

    What our members say!

    Experienced leaders with a track record of successfully leading change, who share their outstanding practice and contribute to one's professional development in a powerful way.
    NPQH March 2016
  • Alex Thrall, The Anatomy: Foundational Coaching Course participant

    What our members say!

    This course helped me to further develop my leadership skills, particularly in my ability to listen effectively to staff. The practical tools we learned are easy to put into practice without needing too much preparation or revising. I have taken some key approaches with me that I have already begun using to help people, both in and out of school, reflect on their own problems and take ownership for their solutions. The course was delivered brilliantly and I thoroughly look forward to formalising the impact it will have in my school. In an increasingly high pressured job, I would recommend all leaders to have some experience of formal coaching training as it provides specific usable tools that many leaders may not be aware of yet. It is not just about ‘asking questions’ as many people’s preconceptions imply.
    Alex Thrall, The Anatomy: Foundational Coaching Course participant
  • NPQH Participant 2015

    What our members say!

    Practical, valuable and pertinent to today's leaders.
    NPQH Participant 2015
  • John Budden, Headteacher at Clare House Primary School (NPQH)

    What our members say!

    “A particular strength of the Harris offer is that training [NPQH] is led by current leaders, presenting lots of opportunities to pick the brains of people who are actually doing the job. The chance to step out of my everyday setting to think and listen is very useful and every single session has presented me with initiatives to try back at my school. I keep in close contact with a number of the leaders, who are generous with their time and resources.”
    John Budden, Headteacher at Clare House Primary School (NPQH)
  • Naveen Ahmed, Assistant Headteacher, Little Ilford School (NPQSL)

    What our members say!

    “I began the NPQSL in September 2013 hoping to get a clearer picture of what topics and areas I needed to focus on to be a rounded senior leader. During my time on the programme, I was promoted internally from Head of Science to Assistant Principal. I have no doubt that what I have learnt on the course helped me to show at interview that I was ready for senior leadership. Other programmes seemed to be more theory-based than practical, which is why I chose the Harris Teaching School.”
    Naveen Ahmed, Assistant Headteacher, Little Ilford School (NPQSL)
  • Evolve participant

    What our members say!

    "Today concluded our Evolve programme and I would just like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of it. On a personal level, it was a highly valuable process and very useful CPD for the many reasons that I am sure you are aware of. More broadly, as someone who is very much bought into the vision of the school and our students, I look forward to implementing and embedding the key ideas of Evolve going forward."
    Evolve participant