Welcome to the Harris Federation Teaching School Alliance

The Harris Federation Teaching School Alliance is the professional development centre for the Harris Federation. We provide high-quality training that is facilitated by experienced school leaders, who have exemplary records in leading successful school improvement, and improving outcomes for their students. Our highly practical training and support programmes are available to all schools and academies, not just to Harris Federation staff.

The Harris Federation has a proven track record of transforming underperformance rapidly, with 20 of our secondary academies all rated as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ and 75% rated ‘outstanding’ (Ofsted). The success we have had so far is a direct result of the talented and dedicated teachers, support staff and leadership teams we have in our Academies.

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What our members say!

  • NPQH March 2016
    Experienced leaders with a track record of successfully leading change, who share their outstanding practice and contribute to one's professional development in a powerful way.
    NPQH March 2016
  • Alex Thrall, The Anatomy: Foundational Coaching Course participant
    This course helped me to further develop my leadership skills, particularly in my ability to listen effectively to staff. The practical tools we learned are easy to put into practice without needing too much preparation or revising. I have taken some key approaches with me that I have already begun using to help people, both in and out of school, reflect on their own problems and take ownership for their solutions. The course was delivered brilliantly and I thoroughly look forward to formalising the impact it will have in my school. In an increasingly high pressured job, I would recommend all leaders to have some experience of formal coaching training as it provides specific usable tools that many leaders may not be aware of yet. It is not just about ‘asking questions’ as many people’s preconceptions imply.
    Alex Thrall, The Anatomy: Foundational Coaching Course participant
  • NPQH Participant 2015
    Practical, valuable and pertinent to today's leaders.
    NPQH Participant 2015
  • John Budden, Headteacher at Clare House Primary School (NPQH)
    “A particular strength of the Harris offer is that training [NPQH] is led by current leaders, presenting lots of opportunities to pick the brains of people who are actually doing the job. The chance to step out of my everyday setting to think and listen is very useful and every single session has presented me with initiatives to try back at my school. I keep in close contact with a number of the leaders, who are generous with their time and resources.”
    John Budden, Headteacher at Clare House Primary School (NPQH)
  • Naveen Ahmed, Assistant Headteacher, Little Ilford School (NPQSL)
    “I began the NPQSL in September 2013 hoping to get a clearer picture of what topics and areas I needed to focus on to be a rounded senior leader. During my time on the programme, I was promoted internally from Head of Science to Assistant Principal. I have no doubt that what I have learnt on the course helped me to show at interview that I was ready for senior leadership. Other programmes seemed to be more theory-based than practical, which is why I chose the Harris Teaching School.”
    Naveen Ahmed, Assistant Headteacher, Little Ilford School (NPQSL)
  • Evolve participant
    "Today concluded our Evolve programme and I would just like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of it. On a personal level, it was a highly valuable process and very useful CPD for the many reasons that I am sure you are aware of. More broadly, as someone who is very much bought into the vision of the school and our students, I look forward to implementing and embedding the key ideas of Evolve going forward."
    Evolve participant
  • NQT trainee
    “My attendance at monthly training days with other NQTs has also been invaluable. I have improved and advanced my teaching practices and through various training have been encouraged to try new and enhanced techniques. The Harris NQT support programme has proved a major factor in helping to develop my professional skills and good practice across most aspects of teacher development. Thank you to everybody who has helped, I look forward to the challenges and new learning ahead”
    NQT trainee
  • School Direct Trainee
    "Training in schools with professionals who are putting the latest theory into practice is invaluable. I'm able to simultaneously study the theory, put it into practice and commit to academic research that is crucial to my development as teacher. I can teach from day one, which means I form a good relationship with my classes, and can really get to know the students and their personalities".
    School Direct Trainee
  • NPQML Candidate
    "My visit was invaluable. Not only did I observe several teachers’ lessons with different age groups, but I had an opportunity to discuss the challenges teachers faced within the curriculum when teaching low-attaining students."
    NPQML Candidate
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