Food Technology Programme

The course will consider how to plan effectively for the delivery of the NEA investigation task and the NEA food preparation task. It will also look at how to assess the candidates work considering the whole mark range. There will be a number of activities throughout the day which will help teachers decide on how to approach the tasks with their candidates. There will be opportunities to assess and discuss feedback on a number of exemplar projects.

Facilitator Biography:

Jane Waters

Jane is the Senior Examiner for AQA Food Technology and Food Preparation and Nutrition. She has been involved in writing and delivering a variety of training materials for food courses for AQA for 20 years. She is currently delivering the specifications in a school in Kent so has plenty of experience of the challenges faced by teachers when planning and teaching lessons for the specification.

When: Tuesday 27th June 2017

Where: Harris City Academy Crystal Palace

Time: 9.00am - 2.00pm

Cost: £140 per delegate

Book: Via Eventbrite or email for an invoice of £140 per delegate to be sent to your organization.